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This is a real walking pants for the hot days! These pants only weigh 140 grams per square meter and consist of 100% stretch fabric. 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex make the pants ideal for outside temperatures of 25 degrees and above. These pants also have the property that UV radiation cannot get through the fabric. And a lovely airy pants with a nice fit.
These pants have two side pockets and no less than 4 closable pockets with YKK zippers. Be careful with thorns / spines.

Did you know that ticks are mainly up to 1 meter high? Therefore, also order Rovince socks with your pants. This way you are optimally protected up to your waist. If you often come through tall grass or bushes for your work or hobby, it is also wise to protect your upper body with, for example, a Rovince shirt or polo shirt.

Rovince clothing is insect repellent, so not only against ticks, but also against mosquitoes and sand flies.

-UV 40+ protection
-100% Stretch
-Permanent tick and mosquito repellent treatment
-Treatment up to 100 washes active
-Equipped with 2 side pockets
-2 pockets on the leg with zipper.
-2 pockets on the back with zipper.
-Drying very quickly
-Color: olive green

92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
fabric weight: 140 gr / m2

Ladies’ clothing: 34 to 46 (size 34 and 46 not yet available)


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