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    • $137.49

      Trousers Ergoline Men

      Tick proof pants At Rovince we have trousers with a permanent anti-tick treatment. These trousers are ideal for the summer, when ticks are active. The…

    • $118.35

      Trousers Duofit Men

      Tick repellent pants The Rovince Duofit pants are treated with a permanent anti-tick treatment. These pants are ideal for the warm summer. The knee pads…

    • $106.45

      Fleece Coarse Men

      Mosquito and insect resistant fleece This mixed knitted fleece with softshell insert provides comfort and insulation at the same time. This cardigan has a perfect…

    • $21.95

      Shield Comfort Socks Green

      Anti tick socks Tick repellent socks Anti tick socks from Rovince: A first requirement to protect you against ticks is to protect your lower body.…

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