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Dear Rovince customer,

Nothing is as valuable as our health, we know all too well from Rovince.

We have been developing and producing clothing with unique added value since 2009, namely: sustainable protection against tick bites!
Over the past 10 years we have become an authority in the field of tick-proof clothing and our clothing is worn by very different professional groups. But also people who are confronted with a tick during a walk or while walking the dog praise our clothing.

As the problem with the tick gets bigger year after year, there became an increasing need for a standard for (work) clothing with protection against tick bites.

In the spring of 2018, the standard “NEN-8333” was published in collaboration with and under the direction of NEN and other stakeholders (including the Ministry of Defense, RIVM and Stigas).
This standard describes technical requirements, quality tests and conditions of use with which both long-term action against tick bites and the health of the wearer of clothing can be guaranteed.

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